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Key Note, Seminars, Conferences, Masterclasses, Workshops

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Claudia Santiago is an international keynote and conference speaker. She delivers from live stage and virtual events with professionalism, passion and fun truly connecting with the audience and bringing massive value. Because of her professional training as a recording artist and producer, she understands how to present well and make an event truly interactive and memorable!

Claudia has overcome a life-threatening disease and overcome many life obstacles including surviving a civil war. She has strategies and keys for breakthrough for major life transitions.

She is a producer, having produced and presented in her own Viva-La-Vida! Success Events and brings a depth of understanding of what is required to make events a success.

Claudia has specialized topics in the areas of personal development as well as business and entrepreneurial leadership.

She is the CEO and principal consultant of VPGI Enterprises
Agency | Talent Management | Productions | Events | Publishing | Marketing



Claudia is an entertaining, transformational, educational and motivational speaker

AREAS OF FOCUS and Event Types:

With each of these there are 3-4 topics to choose from – please contact our office for list and booking procedures

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  • Business & Leadership and Entrepreneurship

  • Current Technology: Brand and Corporate from offline to online influence

  • Women In Leadership

  • Health and Wellness

  • Entertainment Industry / Media and Communications

  • Creative Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership and Home, Family, Marriage and Relationships




Upon request, Claudia will include a music/concert portion to her presentations either with her full band or on her own with accompanying multi-media presentation to impact your audience!

RESOURCES: Each presentation has accompanying visual/audio multimedia and printed handouts for maximum impact. As well, Claudia has accompanying online resources for each of her speaking topics.


OUTCOMES: Your audience will be entertained, inspired and equipped. Claudia uniquely includes audience participation which helps in the learning and equipping process as well as sets the platform for networking to another level!

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